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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day Trip to Siem Reap

It's the end of another college year and to celebrate we all went to Siem Reap. This year we were unable to go in large buses as a visit to Phnom Kulen was included. Phnom means mountain and this one is too steep for a bus.

8 minibuses set off from the college at 4.30 am. Trainees had little sleep due to excitement and being up at 2.00 to prepare the picnic. Some had never been to Siem Reap before so this was a very special day for them.

Phnom Kulen was beautiful. Such a memorable experience to swim under the waterfall. It's something I've always wanted to do. The current was strong, hard to swim against (especially in clothes) and I was nervous at first because the spray makes it hard to breathe. Sitting under the fall with the water pounding on my back like a natural massage was amazing. The laughter of trainees having fun all around me was very special.
I am smiling but those rocks are very slippery!

Trainees dressed as indigenous people, an attraction for tourists

Lunch followed and then a walk up to the pagoda and sleeping Buddah. The view was incredible.
over the rickety bridge
Lunch. Rice with a variety of dishes
Coconut seller. This drink was very refreshing on such a hot day
Sleeping Buddah

Banteay Srey temple was our next stop. Famed for it's carvings, this is a really beautiful temple as you can see from the photos.
Victims of landmine accidents make music to earn money

Back on the buses for a visit to Angkor Wat. It was great to walk round with trainees as those who have been there on school trips know a lot about the towers and carvings.
So happy on his first visit to Angkor Wat - a dream come true.
Enjoying being a tourist - first time ever on a horse

Singing and laughter on the return journey was a reflection of how much everyone had enjoyed the day. On the way back, we stopped at a village renowned for it's cakes. Trainees and trainers stocked up on gifts for their families.
Plastic bottles provide the percussion to accompany the songs
Take my word for it - this is a cake shop - a very popular one!


  1. Hi Vicky, how long have you been teaching in Cambodia? What would you recommend to someone who'd like to be a volunteer? How does your day look like?
    How many hours per day do you dedicate to the community? Are there any other volunteers in the area, too? - so that you could share experience with them?

    Thanks for letting me know.


  2. Hi, I've been here 18 months. I love volunteering and yes there are others in the area. I'm with VSO. There are Peace Corps and AusAID too.