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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just Photos

I thought I'd share a few photos of life in and around Sisaphon. Remember to click on one to view full size.
Sokha's moto runs on pepsi!
Petrol Station

Of course we have 'real' petrol too. Two of the big petrol stations have shops with air conditioning and ice cream!
The remarkable 'Love Garden' where wedding parties go for photographs.
Spot the dinosaur!!  Groups change outfits and have their photos taken in a range of colours
So full of character
Home sweet home. This lovely man fixes my punctures regularly

Traditional game at Khmer New Year - a bit like I sent a letter to my love

Another New Year game. Similar to bowls but played with large seed pods. Boys played against girls
When either side lost there was a strange ritual where one team danced past the other, knocking knees with the pods!
At New Year there's also a tradition of covering everyone in talcum powder

Khmer dancing
Wims leaving party - sorry we lost the top of his head
Blindfold fun at staff training. The trainer is being guided round the dice
All a bit of a mixture but things I haven't written about. I also post photos on Facebook. Here are links to the albums. You do not need to sign up to Facebook to view these photos.

Preah Vihear


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