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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The end of the rainy season marks the beginning of the wedding season here in Cambodia. Huge wedding tents are erected, blocking streets, and loud music blasts out all day.
I attended the engagement party of one of my neighbours and last weekend the happy couple were married. The celebrations lasted two days. For me the unpleasant part was the loud music that started at 5.00 am both mornings!
On the first day, a procession bearing gifts paraded from the college to our street. The photos tell the story.
Musicians and flower bearers

Trainees in their finery joined the procession

Joints of meat carried by my colleagues
Arrival of the groom
The procession arrives in our street, the home of the bride.
Ceremony and blessings inside the house
 The following day there was a big party in a local restaurant with over 600 guests, live band and a 5 course meal. Here we finally met the bride and groom together.
Beautiful couple
Miko and myself enjoying the food

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  1. A very rich ceremony indeed.the lovely part was love and hospitable of the people of cambodia, this kind of people of the world have a reput, in weding ceremony if you care to study their historic background you will discovered there a legandry, society like this are very good in religion, if you would come across the teaching the Holy prophet, you will find a similarity. I wishes them a happy marriage.