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Thursday, 27 October 2011

World Teachers' Day

 An Apple for Teacher
When I suggested to the college that we do something to celebrate World Teacher's Day, I was amazed at how excited everyone became. I had a grant of $150 for gifts, stationery and refreshments. Trainees were asked what they wanted to do and suggested letters to teachers, role play, songs and poetry. My idea of putting the letters on a tree of good wishes was accepted with enthusiasm and the trainees organised it themselves. The Director felt a banner was important so one of my neighbours painted it for us. Once up I could see that it became the focus of the room and was essential to the success of the event.

Trainees organised the whole celebration. I had a meeting with the organisers to allocate tasks. This years event was to raise awareness of the importance of women in education. With that in mind, female trainees were given leading roles. Trainers and trainees from the college as well as teachers from our practice school were invited.
We began with speeches, I made mine in english and my assistant translated for me. After that came poems, songs and a short play by the trainees. I don't know when they practised but was impressed with the quality of drama. An impromptu song from one of the trainers proved very popular. Trainees read some of the greetings from the tree and presented gifts to teachers. Trainees all received pens.
Finishing with cakes and fruit, everyone was very happy.


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