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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pleeung - khmer for rain

This evening it rained – real rain!!! It was amazing, thunder and lightning too. I sat at the front of my house watching the lane become a river – much as it used to in Vikindu. I was fascinated by the activity. Children  splashed around and raced up and down throwing cups of water at one another. People came out with brooms to sweep their yards, one man washed his motorbike and another his car. A lady opposite washed her pots and pans and Joe's Mum rinsed her hair. Joe is Mary's translator and lives in our lane. I love his Mum as she understands my khmer. There were many people watching me, watching them so I managed to explain to her that when it rains, British people stay inside and that our children generally don't play in the rain as it's cold. She enjoyed relaying this to everyone else. In an attempt to get photographs I ventured out for a paddle and she  rushed to get me an umbrella, I think the entertainment ran both ways!
Joe's Mum

This is a very happy street and it will probably be much cleaner in the morning. I feel lucky to have such lovely neighbours.

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